Thanks for considering being a counselor at EC Camp 2019 Fun on the Farm. EC Camp is a camp designed for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages. It's a rewarding experience for everyone who attends.

Camp requires a lot of money to run. It costs approximately $375 per camper to cover the cost of crafts, snacks, tshirts, and most importantly, the camper/counselor partnership. Our camp is unique in that we offer a 1-1 or 2-1 system of camper/counselor pairing that allows for a more personal experience. Each of our campers pays $200 dollars to attend as this is a maximum many of our campers can afford and we ask that you provide a donation of $40 to help cover that cost. We also fundraise and receive donations in order to operate camp in this way.

This application must be completed and submitted before June 28th (or you will not be guaranteed a t-shirt). Counselors should arrive Friday July 19th at 6:30 PM for training. Camp is over at 4 PM on July 25th.

Counselors must be in good physical health, be able to assist campers with mobility issues, and be able to climb on to a top bunk at night to sleep.

To apply to be a counselor, please fill out the application below. If you have questions before completing the application, please contact us at 815-513-2228 or email us at


Contact Information

Other Information


Medical Information


Please provide two people who know you well that can recommend you as a counselor for EC Camp. If you are a returning counselor who has served at our camp before this is not required.


Not all counselors will be chosen to participate in both sessions. You will receive acceptance confirmation around July 5th.


You can provide your donation ($40) on the EC Camp donation page or bring cash or a check (made out to CCD) with you to camp. Please tell us how you will be providing your donation. If donating online, please provide the name and email address you provided on this application.